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I decided that I wanted to apply to one of the Ecole des Mines because it is a renowned engineering school. Then, I started to look for the program that best suited my academic ambitions and that would complete the formation I already had. I believe the program here, in Mines Douai, is pretty good. First of all, the methods of teaching are different from what we do in Brazil. That was a very enriching experience for me as a student since I could go through different types of learning processes during my studies, which gives me a variety of points of view. I’m also involved in student life, as vice-treasurer of the BDE (Bureau des Elèves) that is a Students Union chosen by the students that represents them in Mines Douai. Being part of the BDE is already an enriching experience for every member and, for me as a foreign student, it was even more rewarding. Only by doing the campaign to run for the BDE I got to get closer to the French students and learn a lot from them. Then, throughout the year, I got the opportunity to work with them, exchange ideas, participate on meetings with the school’s administration, and many other activities that made me grow personally and intellectually. 

Noelle BORGES VILARDO, brazilian student




Tom DIGHT is an English student, aged 21. Native of Bristol, he's studying Mechanical Engineering in Duham University. But this year, he took advantage of the european program ERASMUS. He decided to join Mines Douai, which is an international partner of Durham University for many years.