Research topics

 5 teaching and research departments


Atmospheric Sciences & Environmental Engineering 

• Characterisation of pollutants, their sources and their impacts

• Atmospheric reactivity: kinetics and mechanisms

• Treatment of air and gas effluents



Civil and Environmental Engineering 

• Design of new hybrid concretes with a reduced environmental impact.

• Use of by-products in building materials.

• Achieving sustainability, particularly that of concrete.  

• Redevelopment of polluted sites; integrated approach. 



Polymers and Composites Technology & Mechanical Engineering

• Processing of polymers and polymer composites with tailored properties

• Mechanics and reliability of organic, metallic or hybrid structural parts






Computer Systems and Automation

• Engineering and re-engineering based on software components designed for distributed and/or embedded systems.

• Agents, learning and adaptation

• Modelling and monitoring of development systems. 

This also includes a Resources, Engineering and Development Centre


Industrial Energetics

• Convective thermal transfers.

• Combustion modelling and optimisation in industrial centres.

• Wind erosion of granular matter.