Living in France

Expenditure will vary widely from one person to the next, since it depends on many factors, including status and the type of educational course. A normal student spends about 500 Euros every month on living expenses, such as :
  • Accommodation and food In the Maison des Elèves, several possibilities are offered by the Ecole des Mines (full board, half-board...). On average, accommodation and food cost 293 Euros. A privately rented bed-sitting room (20-25 sq. meters) can cost from 230 to 335 Euros per month in Douai, and from 275 to 380 Euros in Lille. A minimum monthly food budget (in case the student doesn’t eat at the Maison des Elèves) will be between 120 and 180 Euros. A meal in the University Restaurants costs around 2.15 Euros.
  • Sundry expenses (books, etc...) : on average 45 Euros per month
  • Transport (train, bus, petrol, etc...) : 50 Euros per month
  • Entertainment : 55 Euros per month