Engineering Training Programmes

Mines Douai educates multidisciplinary engineers.

The initial training is open to the students from the scientific preparatory course. They are selected on the basis of the national competitive examination “spé”. University students are also admitted. The main objective is to train multidisciplinary engineers, ready to be operational in a specific filed of activity (8 majors) with a double competence (8 specialization domains) preparing them to the different functions of business and developping management skills.

The pedagogical project of the school provides the engineering student with these skills during 3 years education enabling the student to build up his own professional and personal project. Choice, openness and action are the keywords of every engineering student who is building up his own personal project.

The continuing education is a real opportunity for qualified technicians showing at least 3 years professional experience to become engineers. The curriculum is available both, on site (2 years full time at the school including a 6 month final year project) or through e-learning (1 year distance learning followed by 1 year at school and a 6 month final year project).