Living in the Maison des Elèves


The Maison des Elèves is composed of three residences (Condorcet, Descartes and Lavoisier), providing 825 rooms in the town centre. Students enjoy pleasant and modern single rooms, equipped with a bed, a large desk, shelves, washbasin and shower.

The MDE also puts a laundry and an underground car park at the residents’ disposal.

It offers students clubrooms, a film theatre, bars, drink machines, various games (billiards, table tennis, pin-ball machines, etc...) and photocopiers permanently available. A computer room is also open 24 hours a day.

The three residences have the great advantage of being well situated, in a pleasant to live in area, less than 500 metres from supermarkets, and also close to the School (Bourseul and Lahure) through a bus service (or 15 min on foot).